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Standards of Evidence

Suppose I were to tell you that I didn’t believe the theory of evolution. After getting past your initial incredulity you might as why that is, given all the evidence and scientific research that has been done.  I would respond … Continue reading

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Rendering onto Caesar

Or why churches should pay taxes. In most countries that I am familiar with, charities, not-for-profit and churches can get a tax exemption status. This is widely known and generally accepted throughout society. Increasingly, the atheists of the variety that … Continue reading

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Some commentary on Rerum Novarum

The other day I was by chance linked to Rerum Novarum, a 1890 encyclical by Pope Leo XIII on Rights and Duties of Capital and Labor. I’ve only read a few encyclicals and the ones I have are very densely … Continue reading

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Christianity & Contraception

One pledge I made for Lent is that I would attempt to write this defence of the Catholic teaching on contraception as well as an account of why I returned to Christ. The latter will hopefully be done by the end … Continue reading

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The Correct Guide to Good Living

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism  by John Zmirak Regnery Pub, September 26th, 2016   I’ve only recently heard of John Zmirak and I believe it was this article that introduced him to me as well as being a review for the … Continue reading

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The Vast and Vacuous

There’s a much shared (and incredibly large) image file showing how earth compares to surrounding planets, the sun and then how our sun is dwarfed by other stars. I remember years ago a principal at a school I used to … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Jews

This post began more as a thought experiment at first but some recent commentary on the subject and further thinking will make it more than that. What had originally got me thinking about Jesus and the Jews was the obsession Evangelical … Continue reading

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