It is indeed an age of ‘improved means to deteriorated ends’. It is part of the essential malady of such days – producing the desire to escape, not indeed from life, but from our present time, and self made misery – that we are acutely conscious both of the ugliness of our works,   and of their evil. So that to us evil and ugliness seem indissolubly allied. We find it difficult to conceive of evil and beauty together.

J.R.R. Tolkien in ‘On Fairy-Stories’

When trying to come up for a name for this blog the phrase “the essential malady” came into my head. I first read the essay where the above quote comes from during university. When I went to find the book I had it in, I found the receipt and noticed that it was close to thirteen years to the day that I had bought it.

I loved the above quotation above when I first read it but I’m not sure I truly understood what Tolkien meant exactly. I can relate to it today because I have certainly spent much of my early adult life trying to escape the world. This is something that over the past few years I’ve come to understand I can’t do.

This blog was initially made to archive my writing but I have decided to expand it to share my thoughts and ideas as they come into my head. I’ll also use it as I continue writing what I fancy and try to avoid more ambitious projects.

I used to delete or destroy my writing almost as quickly as I wrote it. I’ve learned with age and advice that I’ll only improve if I keep doing it. So I won’t be surprised if something I’ve written here will turn out to be wrong or just embarrassing in the future, and I’ll continue to do it anyway.

Outside of this blog, I did write regularly for Another Castle, an Australia gaming website until it was closed on November 1st, 2016. I also occasionally write for Sega-16 and have done so since about 2007. I am a teacher by profession but I’d really rather be a librarian with a quiet office hidden away and endless books to organise. It could happen.


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