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Christianity & Contraception

One pledge I made for Lent is that I would attempt to write this defence of the Catholic teaching on contraception as well as an account of why I returned to Christ. The latter will hopefully be done by the end … Continue reading

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Footnotes & Fiddlesticks

When engaging on certain topics like say… communism, it is not uncommon to have someone ask if you have read a certain book and after learning (as they probably expect), that you have not, move to immediately disqualify your opinion. … Continue reading

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The Problem of Play

When I first began writing regularly on this blog a little over a year ago, I never imagined I would write on education as much as I have. It certainly hasn’t been the main topic I’ve dwelt on here, but … Continue reading

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Why you REALLY want put your kids in an International School

Earlier this year, I was speaking on a panel for International schools in the city in which I work. It was both an opportunity to promote the school I work for and network with others in the area. It was … Continue reading

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Don’t let your worries hold you back.

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What You Really Mean

There are certainly more but there are two controversial subjects in particular where people who support them will always use extreme examples to justify them. What this means is that because an extreme exists (as it always does), we should … Continue reading

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A Virtue of Vigour – 1: Getting Up

I have been slowly putting together a general advice book for health and fitness. I wrote a couple of posts in the middle of last year related to this which can be seen here and here. Rather than trying to … Continue reading

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