A Virtue of Vigour – 3: Stop Making Excuses  For Yourself And Letting Others Do The Same

There have been various controversies over the years from negative public reactions to advertisements promoting health. One was a physically fit and attractive Asian woman with tight abs posing in front of her multiple children with a caption, “What’s your excuse?” Another of a model in a bikini simply asked, “Is your beach body ready?” How you react to advertisements like this says a lot more about you than it does about the people who thought them up. Chances are if it is in the negative, it’s because your beach body isn’t ready and you really have no excuse. It’s one thing to complain about the portrayal or sexualisation of women but is that really why you are reacting negatively? Or is it the reality of your own health and appearance that causes you to react negatively? Put simply, if you have a negative mindset, you will not get anywhere. Excuses are simply excuses and while there can certainly be good ones, they’re more often than not just the easy alternative to action.

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A Virtue of Vigour – 2: Don’t Try To Buy Results

Let me begin this with by going through an experience I had when I first came to live in Japan many years ago.

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A Virtue of Vigour

Hello, this is just a post I am putting aside to update with links to each chapter of my book/booklet I am putting together on health and fitness. The title of the blog is the intended title of the book so if anyone thinks it is awful, please be sure to let me know here or in any of the posts that follow. 

I am going to have a link to each chapter of the book here so it can be read from the blog in order. I also plan to make it available on Amazon at some stage. If you actually follow this blog you will know that one of my goals for the last few years has been to finish one of the three books I have started and thus far I have finished a total of none. Well this year is different. I will be making it the focus of the blog to get this put together over and above other posts though I do intend to do other writing in between.

The book follows below and this post will likely be updated and changed multiple times. What I’ve written up here will also be removed/changed once it is all done. It is also worth adding that almost a year ago now I said the same thing at the first link below. 

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A Right To Happiness

We thus advance towards a state of society in which not only each man but every impulse in each man claims carte blanche. And then, though our technological skill may help us survive a little longer, our civilization will have died at heart, and will – one dare not even add ‘unfortunately’ – be swept away.

C.S. Lewis, We Have No ‘Right To Happiness’ (1963)

This is how Lewis concludes his essay that began discussing a man and woman abandoning their respective spouses to be with each other. This essay was also the last thing he wrote before he died in 1963. What really struck me reading through it again recently was this final part. Considering when it was written, this final line seems prophetic.

This won’t be a long post, I just have a few observations to make based on it.

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The Thrawn Trilogy Review


The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn
Bantam Spectra, 1991-1993

Having thoroughly disliked the last two films and vowing not to pay to see another after Rogue One, I got to thinking about what could have been a few months ago. And after being reminded of the Thrawn trilogy on a best of science fiction/fantasy list I decided it was worth a look and acquired the paperback trilogy soon after.

I’ve generally been disappointed with the novels I’ve read in the Star Wars expanded universe and this is even going back to when I was a teenager and the books were aimed at my reading level. They always seemed corny and though I wasn’t able to articulate it at the time, I felt they clung too closely to the films. The Thrawn Trilogy hasn’t changed my mind.

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Legalise and Christianity

On this first Sunday of Lent, I feel I should write something suitably related. I penciled the title for this post in September last year but wrote no notes as I normally would so I don’t remember what I specific incident I had in mind but I do remember what I generally had in mind.

What I am going to write about here applies as much to me as anyone else as I feel I have been guilty of it from time to time. The basic idea is thinking of the faith strictly in terms of rules and and obligations and as a result seeking loopholes and ways to bend them when they are found inconvenient. The simple everyday example would be something I do when trying to justify one more drink by telling myself that I am not drunk because I have not yet fallen asleep embracing a toilet bowel. The more extreme is the adulterer or hit-man who is sure to go to confession, knowing full well he will return to the habit after being “absolved”.

Now I do include myself in this and I think everyone has been guilty of it in one way or another. One of the easy ways to see the truth in the Garden of Eden is being conscious and honest about your inner-thoughts. If you are, you know you’re a sinner even if you aren’t quite as bad as that guy or quite as good as that other dude.

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Truth & Division

The big news this weekend is the Nunes Memo was released after being spoken of for much of last month as a potential bombshell. I read it yesterday morning when I woke up and confess to being initially underwhelmed. As I’ve written more than once, I don’t make much of an effort to keep up with the news and haven’t for a while. Things get through to me from a variety of sources including some sites I regularly visit. Most of the ones listed on the sidebar aren’t even daily visits. So the memo was big enough for me to notice and I’m also inspired to write some commentary.

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